fidel castro & precalc
Updated: 9/9/2020
fidel castro & precalc

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  • First, I think we need to get rid of the fraction. So I am going to multiply both sides by 2 to get: x-8-10x>18(4-x)
  • I need to solve this probelm: 1/2(x-8)-5x>9(4-x)I'm not really sure how to solve it, so I'm going to guess!
  • Next, we need to combine like terms to get: -8-9x>72-18x
  • Simplifying is my next task. I will simplify by adding -18x & -8 to both sides of the equation
  • After simplifying, I got x>80/9. Therefore that is the solution
  • It's a good thing Chesapeake has someone like me to solve all of their difficult inequalities! I think I'm a pretty good guesser