Indus River Dolphin
Updated: 7/15/2020
Indus River Dolphin
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  • Introduction
  • Hi I am an Indus River Dolphin. I live in the Tethys Sea.Meet my family, we all have a lot of fun.
  • After 50 million years
  • Oh no! oceanic volcanoes and the continents are colliding! Me and my family are so sad because the sea is drying, we can't live here anymore, we have to move to another place
  • Our new home
  • Finally we found a nice new home - it's called the Indus River. However, we had to adapt and learn to swim sideways to move in shallow water.
  • Our home got smaller
  • Oh god! Humans are constructing dams and irrigation systems. Our home has become so small, only 750 miles and we got separated from our family.
  • Water Pollution
  • Look! The humans have polluted the water. It's so muddy, we can't see anything and have become almost blind. Some of us get stuck in the canals and die.
  • Please save us!
  • The humans are killing us because they think we are a competition to the fisherman and we eat their fish. You tell me, what should we eat, if not fish? PLASTIC?. We are also hunted for meat, oil and medicines. That's why only 1,816 of us are left on the earth. Please save us!
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