The rebel

Updated: 6/14/2020
The rebel

Storyboard Description

Human has intervened a lot and life of aquatic species is in peril! It's time when they stand up for their right.

Storyboard Text

  • These human! They are so nasty! EEErghhhh
  • Yes boss! They are merciless.
  • Five fishes have died because of plastic and oil spill!
  • We must teach them a lesson!Let's invade the land!
  • What do you want? Why are you destroying our land?
  • Ok, we are very sorry. We will try to be sensible.
  • Ahoyyyy!
  • The land is flooded with water! Houses are being washed away! Crops are being destroyed.
  • Yes, the aquatic animals are rebelling!
  • What do they want? Let's have a meeting.
  • Because you have destroyed our territory!!! We want a pollution free habitat.
  • We just needed to frighten them to get them come to their senses.
  • No oil spills, no plastic or toxic substances.