Rome & Carthage; trade & war
Updated: 1/20/2020
Rome & Carthage; trade & war
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  • Rome controlled what was bought and sold in Italy.
  • This buying and selling is called trade.
  • Rome were trade partners with Greece and North Africa(Carthage).
  • But Rome also had trading rivals, which were foreigners who traded in Italy.
  • A Cypriot
  • Map of Europe and North Africa(before the Punic Wars)
  • Carthage
  • As Carthage became more and more powerful, it became Rome's rival. Soon, the rivalry turned into a series of wars called the Punic Wars.
  • Rome
  • During the war, a general called Hannibal Barca led the Carthaginian troops through the Alps and captured some Roman cities.
  • Hannibal
  • As the Carthage army approached the capital of Rome, Hannibal received terrible news: Rome had invaded Carthage and Hannibal was forced to leave Italy.
  • ?
  • Roman Province of Africa(formerly Carthage)
  • Map of Europe and North Africa(146 BC)
  • In 146 BC, during the Third Punic War, the Romans destroyed Carthage and built a new Roman province nearby called the Roman Province of Africa, ending the Punic Wars altogether.
  • Rome
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