Updated: 8/30/2021

Storyboard Text

  • We must strom Batille inorder to get gunpoweder so we can fight back and get our rights.
  • I will defend the Bastille with my life
  • King Louis Disguised as a peasant
  • We want food or else we will use force.
  • My Lord, Protester have broken into your Palace.
  • Protester break into King Louis Palace.
  • How dare they. I must seek revenge on these filty animals.
  • There are more than 1,000 protesters and they wanna talk to you my Lord.
  • King Louis is sent to prison after his Palace was broken into by the protesters.
  • I must escape Paris so I can buil my own army and take back France.
  • Aren't you King Louis? WHy are you disguised. Ohh I get it you are trying to escape Paris. You should be executed for treason.
  • King louis gets caught while he is trying to escape Paris.
  • We must take an Oath right here in this indoor basketball becasue we are the three Estate Generals and it our responsibility to take make new rights.
  • The Three Estate Generals take an Oath inside an indoor tenis court.
  • Yes my lord
  • Napoleon makes himself a Emepror of France.
  • I am the Emperor of France and you guys should obey me.
  • You are gonna be the guy who makes france a better place.