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Updated: 2/7/2020
myslef mpu

Storyboard Text

  • Hi, my name is Xing Yi.
  • I used to get excellent grades in school, and my parents are quite proud of me... Everything went well...
  • Until I reach my upper secondary year when subjects like additional mathematics, especially that, kicked my grades off balance...
  • I started losing motivation after no matter how many times I tried to master the subject and failed, and my parents are getting fed up with me. My passion was never in those subjects, but arts, which my parents think lowly of.
  • But still, I managed to pass all my subjects in SPM, and my mother allowed me to pursue my art studies, though not in my desired institution.
  • Now, I hope I could pull through my college years and do things I'm passionate about as my job. Oh, and in the meantime, hopefully soon, try to get my mother to allow me to get a drawing tablet so I could start digital art and maybe earn some pocket money..