7 major events
Updated: 12/12/2019
7 major events
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  • "Another kick sent me back to the floor, flat on my face. As i went down ,my jaw struck the blunt side of the blade of an axe jutting from the side of the crate."
  • "I dreaded the whipping the teachers meted out,without exception,day in and day out, to all who violated the school's strict code of discipline. I was often a victim of such punishment, usually for such things as: lack of school uniform,having long nails,uncombed hair,lack of primers,failing dictation,failure to pay school fees on time, and a bully-boy image.
  • "The wounded man staggered left and right, clutching his slashed throat,which spewed blood. I was now bathed in perspiration. my breath was coming out in spurts.As the wounded man staggered past me, i detected tube- like things unwinding like a spool of thread through his slashed overalls. his guts were spilling from his belly!"
  • "Should I leave a note for my mother? Where should I leave it? How did it feel when someone died? Where should I plunge the knife: in the stomach or the heart?
  • Having never owned a comic book in my life, I tirelessly read them over and over again, the parts I could understand."
  • "Johannes,i'm proud to inform you that you've been awarded,based on your academic record, a government scholarship to pay for you schooling for each of the three years of secondary school."
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