Arachne The Weaver Comic Strip
Updated: 11/13/2020
Arachne The Weaver Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • Arachne was boasting about how her weaving was much better than mine.
  • You are the best weaver Arachne, next to the goddess Athena, of course.
  • Athena? Ha! Can she really weave as good as me? Well, I could teach her a thing or two!
  • I don't care about Athena! Make her come down here and we'll see who is the better weaver!
  • Be careful, dear. Your boasting may anger Athena.
  • I am ready. Take us to our looms and let us begin.
  • Everybody knows I am the better weaver!
  • Even I admit that your weaving is better than mine! I shall never weave again!
  • Don't waste your talent like that! I will change you so you will never stop weaving.
  • Now you will always weave, as the first spider on Earth!
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