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bio pt.2
Updated: 9/2/2020
bio pt.2
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  • Whatever you say boss!
  • Welcome to the job kid! I suggest that you follow me today to get an idea of what you will be doing. Sound ok?
  • Alright so first I'm gonna teach you how to put these bricks together. You're going to take the cement, put it on the brick and stack the coated bricks together. This is going to be the strong "muscles" of the building! haha!
  • Wow! I guess you're right!
  • Hey! That's just like if we mess up placing a brick, we have to break it apart in order for the building to not be weak and fall apart!
  • Exactly!
  • Just like how the building be functional and keep people safe if it's built properly!
  • Oh this reminds me of anabolism! Anabolism is a dehydration synthesis in the body! We take the amino acids which are monomers from the food we eat to make proteins which are polymers which then build muscle!
  • As a result of anabolism and catabolism, we have metabolism! It's used to keep the body healthy if we eat the right foods!
  • Yah! Or there can be the opposite: Catabolism which is a hydrolysis reaction in the body. Water molecules in our body break down the food molecules that we eat to form smaller monomers, giving us energy!
  • Well it seems like you have taught me more today than I have to you! I think you'll get the hang of things pretty fast!
  • Today was fun. I'm excited for this job! Thanks!
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