The Osyssey
Updated: 12/11/2019
The Osyssey
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  • Odysseus struggles with his beliefs. He yelled towards the ocean that he thinks man is greater than the gods, which made the gods angry.
  • Odysseus struggles with his feelings. His greed and disloyalty led him to cheat on his wife multiple times during his journey.
  • Odysseus struggles with man. A goddess trapped him on her island by tricking him into thinking he was only there for a day, but she actually kept him there for a year.
  • Odysseus struggles with society. The suitors tried to steal his wife, what his land, and they treated his son and guests in Ithaca horribly.
  • Odysseus struggles with nature. Ocean waves wrecked his newly built ship and stranded him ashore on a strange island, far away from Ithaca.
  • Odysseus struggles with the supernatural. The cyclops tried to eat him and all of his men alive.
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