Midas (Mercy beatitude)
Updated: 2/12/2021
Midas (Mercy beatitude)

Storyboard Text

  • There was a king named Midas. He loved gold but was jealous of others having it. He disliked Apollo because he scatters golden sheaves on everyone
  • Let everything I touch turn to gold
  • I will show you how gracious I can be by granting you a wish. What is your wish?
  • Midas was happy at first. But he then realized the problem later. He could not eat or drink because it would turn into gold
  • The god forgave me, perhaps I had better forgive this blabber mouth
  • Pray, revoke the fatal wish
  • In the garden, Midas repented and Apollo took the 'gift' back. However he gave Midas a pair of donkey ears as punishment
  • Nobody knew Midas had donkey ears except his barber. One day the servant dug up a hole and said the kings secret
  • Midas has donkey ears
  • Midas, you have learned the final lesson. Mercy.
  • The river-reeds heard the barber and soon the whole kingdom knew about the donkey ears. Midas wanted to kill the barber but decided to show mercy and because of that Apollo removed Midas's donkey ears