dantes inferno

Updated: 3/31/2021
dantes inferno

Storyboard Text

  • Canto 1, Dante is in a forest and sees the levels he must get through to reach heaven.
  • Canto 1, Dante meets his guide Virgil. He thinks its a ghost and is scared.
  • Canto 3, The punishment for the first group of souls. Stung by wasp and flies and eaten by maggots.
  • Canto 3, Dante & Virgil come across Charon, a man whos job it is to lead people across the river to hell proper
  • Canto 6, The gluttons punishment. Being shredded and attacked by the guardian Cerberus
  • Canto 6, Ciacco talks about politics and other people to distract Virgil & Dante from his sins. He gets tired and stops talkingand that shows the laziness of a Glutton.