Updated: 10/24/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Let's go to the Library!
  • Yeah, let's go.
  • If you don't have any questions, class dismissed. Thank you.
  • I am thinking about doing in a poster or an Infographic because it might post it on the school's bulletin board
  • So, Miss Smith gave us assignment about the lesson earlier. Do you have any idea? Let's keep our voices down.
  • Yes, here, stated that it improves our reading comprehension by means of close reading which includes texts with connotation such as figurative language.
  • This is what I found. It says here that lit. criticism enhances one's critical thinking. Just like in our class, we are required to analyze a text, synthesize by the use of critical lens.
  • The teacher just ended a lesson about literary criticism and the two students went out to do their group assignment while on break time.
  • Then, the lower part would be the relevance of it. I think it is evident right now that we needed literary criticism because of lots of information accessible online.
  • The two students discussed what they will do to promote literary criticism in creative manner.
  • Yes! We're all set.
  • We're on time to finish, I have next class in five minutes
  • They have decided to do it in Infographic form. They discussed and assign parts of the content.
  • Thank you! See you tomorrow~
  • I'll send the templates in your email later! Bye~
  • They are still discussing about the reasons why to take literary criticism units. Perspective taking, sympathy and relevance as an essential content.
  • Middle part of the Inforgraphics would be about how literary criticism encourage empathy and perspective taking. As it is known that we use different critical lenses to understand certain backgrounds. By that, we develop our sympathy towards different beliefs and value system.
  • They finished planning the content and the layout of the Infographic.
  • They bid their good byes because they have different schedules for the next class.
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