Kimberly allagnon
Updated: 1/28/2020
Kimberly allagnon
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  • hi, I am a jew.
  • hi, I am a protestant.
  • I hope we have a better life here, I hope we can practice our religion in peace
  • I hope they don't discriminate us because of our religion.
  • Go back to where you came from!!!. you guys brought crime, poverty, and violence to our nation.
  • The nativists came up with laws such as, the chinese Exclusion act, Gentlemen"s Agreement, and the literacy test.
  • It was called the Gilded age because of how rich they were. Their life was great, they had a lot of money, they had big mansions, some had houses with 70 rooms,the men owned businesses, the women where homemakers, they decorate homes and they plan gala"s.
  • Their lives where good, they work in businesses like, accountants, lawyers, doctors, managers. Few women where accepted as members. they could get anything they need plus a little of their want. their live was good, they weren't suffering
  • There life was hard, they had to work everyday on little salary to support their family, they sometimes didn't have enough.Settlement houses helped them have a place to sleep and some food to eat. They teached them stuff too. social gospel believed that religious faith should be expressed through good works.
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