communication process 2
Updated: 5/26/2021
communication process  2

Storyboard Text

  • I am the manager.
  • The communication process
  • We are the employees.
  • I am the president of the company.
  • Sender
  • The president of the company is the sender
  • Message
  • message
  • The president, manager and the employees of the company are meeting in the room.
  • Interference
  • The president which is the sender is sending the messages to the manager and employees about the new shop that bought last week in the mall.
  • Receriver
  • receiver
  • receiver
  • The president is briefing the manager on how to handle the new project which is the new shop's interior design. Suddenly, the phone of president rang.
  • Feedback
  • The president picked up the phone from his secretary about an important meeting appointment.
  • After the phone call ended, they continue the meeting. The manager and employees receive the information from the president throughout the meeting.
  • The manager asks some questions about the new project and the president answer immediately.