PBL History
Updated: 3/23/2020
PBL History

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  • I declare myself the sultan of the delhi sultanate!
  • We have conquered Punjab and Mewar and now our goal is to conquer Ganges-Yamuna Doab
  • Timur was a Turk and Mongol lineage. He admired his ancestor Changez Khan. In 1398  timur routed the army of Sultan Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah Tughlaq and plundered Dehli for three days.
  • Sikander Lodhi was believed to be the wisest,most hardworking, dedicated and far-sighted Sultan to sit on the throne of Delhi
  • Malik Khizr Khan,a Sayyid who had been appointed as Governor by Timur was succeeded by his son Mubarak Shah. Mubarak Shah ruled till 1450. Bahlol Lodhi took over the sultanate in 1451
  • Bahlol Lodhi was a kind and wise ruler. He expanded his kingdom to include the Punjab,Mewar and the Ganges-Yumana Doab further east.His reign lasted nearly forty years and he died in 1489 and was succeeded by his son Sikander Lodhi
  • Sikandar Lodhi described by his court historians was the wisest and most hardworking Sultan of the Dehli. He moved his headquarters to Agra and worked hard at throne of Delhi.He was interested in learning.
  • During Sikander's time man reform movements took place in Hinduism.Guru Nanak in Punjab rejected the caste system and founded the Sikh religion. Sikander Lodhi died in 1517 and Ibrahim Lodhi was the last Sultan of Dehli
  • We reject the caste system
  • Ibrahim Lodhi had to faced rebellions from his governors. This weakened his control over the Sultanate and his people were also unhappy with his rule.When he tried to punish Daulat Khan, governor of Punjab. Daulat Khan invited Babur king of Kabul to save him from Ibrahim