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Kina Storyboard
Updated: 2/22/2020
Kina Storyboard
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  • It was an early morning and Kina had been left to open up the bakery on her own .As she was daydreaming, a customer walked in.
  • The customer greeted Kina and gave her their order. However, Kina insisted this wasn't an item on the menu as she wasn't even sure what had been ordered.The customer had a strange aura about them.
  • Strange...
  • To avoid an altercation, Kina agrees to check in the back for the requested item. She finds the item to her surprise. At least she assumes the box of strangely shaped buns that had not been there earlier was what the customer wanted.
  • Kina is mesmerized by the unique buns and tries a piece for herself, forgetting the customer waiting outside.
  • Kina handed the box off and went back to staring into space, not noticing the strange customers that had appeared in the bakery.She looked to see a couple, white as snow, sitting at the table.
  • Kina figures out that mysterious bun gave her a way to see the dead. Before figuring it out she managed to befriend a boy who also says he can see the dead. Although she is still scared by this ability and does not want to keep it. The boy tries to convince her she should keep the ability.
  • In the end, the ability fades as the bun's magic was only temporary. Along with it she looses sight of the boy as well. It turns out he was a ghost who had lied in order to not frighten her. Kina is upset that she can no longer speak to her friend but finds his burial place to give one final goodbye.
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