Updated: 12/7/2020

Storyboard Text

  • I wonder why I cant float
  • Hey, Whats wrong?
  • Do you ever wonder why we dont float??
  • No thats because of gravity!
  • Gravity? Whats that?
  • Gravity is the force that keeps everything in orbit! It keeps all of us on earth. Just like how me and you are standing still right now!
  • Hmm... Can I get another example?
  • Remember when you dropped that glass yesterday and it broke? Gravity is what pulled it to the floor!
  • Ohhh okay! Well why do people jump high on the moon? Is there no gravity there?
  • Gravity is everywhere! People can jump high on the moon because its smaller than earth so it has less of gravitational pull
  • Ohhhh okay! So size effects gravity? Only size?
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