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Updated: 10/2/2020
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  • Hey come in pleaseToday we will start with the Past Perfect and the Simple Past
  • The Past Perfect refers to the time before the recent past.And it is formed in the following way:subject + had + past participle
  • For example:Jhon had arrived on this island after driftingThe subject is Jhon, then the had and then the past participleAlthough "just" can also be added after the had to refer to an event that occurred very shortly before another event located in the past.
  • What ifJhon died 3 weeks after arriving on the island
  • And the structure of the Simple Past?
  • The "simple past" is used to talk about an action that ended earlier than the current oneWell the structure of the past simple is composed in this way: Subject + auxiliary verb + complement
  • For Example:150 American Indians were killed by the American government in 1950EThe subject is American Indians, killed is the Simple Past and the rest is the complement
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