Unknown Story
Updated: 3/12/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Hey messenger give this to Romeo montague
  • R
  • R
  • Hey messenger
  • hey Benvolio
  • Tybalt is giving a letter to the messanger Tybalt is challenging romeo
  • I knew it if Romeo don't Tybalt i will
  • R
  • Mercutio look tybalt challenged romeo
  • The messanger delivering the challenge letter
  • You don't need Romeo I am here
  • Where is Romeo
  • The messenger doesnt find romeo But he finds Benvolio
  • You hahaha....
  • Romeo didn't recieve the letter and he doesn't know anything about it , But Benvolio did and Mercutio knows too. Mercutio said if Romeo dont fight Tybalt he will.
  • Tybalt asking Mercutio where is Romeo Mercutio dont want Romeo to fight. Mercutio want to fight him
  • Tybalt making fun of mercutio for trying to fight him