Bathroom Scene Storyboard
Updated: 11/16/2017
Bathroom Scene Storyboard
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  • A wide shot of Tommy will be used for the bathroom scene, I wanted this setting because it shows that this is the only place Tommy has shelter. Represents his struggle in the music video.
  • There will be a pan to the right to show the whole setting Tommy is in.
  • Panning direction
  • This shot will be in high angle to represent the weakness of Tommy.
  • An over the shoulder shot will be used to show Tommy looking sadly at himself, I want this shot to represent Tommy's emotions.
  • This shot will also be in high angle, I want to make Tommy's weak mental state apparent to the audience.
  • I want to exaggerate Tommy's emotions with a close up of him holding back tears, I think that this will be effective in getting across to the audience the struggle of his life.
  • Again this mid-shot will be used from a slight high angle to exaggerate Tommy's weakness,
  • A dolly camera movement will be used to move in closer to Tommy as he leans on the sink and continues to look at himself in the mirror. I want to create a little tension in the narrative by doing this.
  • Dolly direction
  • I wanted to use another over the shoulder shot, but this time at more of a close-up. I wanted Tommy to be crying this time, so that the audience can see that the struggle has got to him.
  • This shot will be from a slight high angle, to aid the representation of depression in this scene by the suggested weakness of Tommy's character from the angle.
  • Tilt direction
  • The over the shoulder shot will tilt downwards and into a close up of a knife on the bathroom counter. I think that this will intensify the theme of depression, by implementing the sub-topic linked with depression that is suicide.
  • The knife is important because it symbolises the theme of death and suicide, and placing the knife under a close up shot increases theses themes in the scene.
  • This will be from a high angle again, but this time the angle will be used to suggest that it is Tommy's point of view, instead of his weakness.
  • Tilt direction
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