bad friends
Updated: 12/18/2019
bad friends
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  • As Jake and Steven enter the car, Jake starts to light and smoke the herbs.
  • Ummm, Steven.That smells like skunk. Do you think we should be doing this?
  • Jake! It's too late to go back now just do it you'll enjoy it!
  • Feeling the peer pressure, Jake quits his hesitation and smokes.
  • GOD !! I have this crazy feeling that just rushed through my body
  • Yeah Jake, crazy right?
  • After smoking, Jake and Steven head back to Stevens room...
  • So Steven, What exactly is the "herb" called
  • Jake, you're so dumb, it's weed my friend you just smoked for the first time
  • Jake and Steven have a conversation about the herb for 20 minutes. Then after the high wears off Jake starts to head home...
  • Wow! This is crazy, how often do you do this?
  • I do it every day, it relives my stress and any anxiety I have.
  • Not a problem! CYA!
  • Jake leaves Stevens house for the day and forever lives the stoner life...
  • Well Steven thanks for showing me this wonderful herb. I will definitely be doing this wayyyyy more often.
  • Jake leaves Stevens and forever becomes a stoner. He eventually never graduates high school he also becomes a stoner for the rest of his life, all thanks to Steven.
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