Les Miserables/The French Revolution
Updated: 2/19/2020
Les Miserables/The French Revolution

Storyboard Description

Work Cited: Haven, C. (2020). Enjoy <i>Les Misérables</i>. But please get the history straight.. [online] The Book Haven. Available at: http://bookhaven.stanford.edu/2012/12/enjoy-les-miserables-but-please-get-your-history-straight-first/.

Storyboard Text

  • Les Miserables was inspired by the French Revolution, with may similarities and differences. The events in Les Miserables take place during the 1832 while the French Revolution began in 1789
  • Les Miserables is historical fiction, meaning some events and characters are real but most aren't, the French Revolution is historical, meaning all the events that took place during this time happens and the people who were there are real.
  • The French Revolution marked the end of the French monarchy in 1792, Les Miserables takes place during a French Monarchy which isn't historically correct as Les Miserables supposedly takes place years after the French Monarchy was terminated.
  • Les Miserables and the French Revolution both take place in France, showing the hardships the French citizens face under a system that doesn't care for them.
  • Les Miserables and the French Revolution both show people rising up against the upper class and reworking their country's political landscape
  • Les Miserables and the French Revolution both have people living miserable lives under their current political leader and how they have to do drastic and cruel things, mostly to themselves, to support their families.