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english 10 #2
Updated: 3/25/2020
english 10 #2
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  • size 11
  • hey. wait up kid
  • your joking right?
  • what size?
  • um.. thanks
  • size 11. this is my lucky day that's my size. take 'em off
  • he told you to wait
  • nice shoes
  • what size are they?
  • you don't hear so good do you? what friggin' size are they?
  • your not going to leave me standing in my socks
  • but.but i need my shoes
  • but there my shoes
  • do i look like that sorta guy who jokes around?
  • they were your shoes
  • as much as your life. take off your shoes
  • it's either we leaving you standing or lying here. take 'em off
  • i'm not.. i gave all i had to panhandlers
  • nothing i don't have anything
  • i'll take them off
  • now lets have your coat
  • hurry up
  • smart
  • give it here. now the other one. you got any money.
  • don't worry man. the night is still young we might get some money if we roll the right bum
  • you lying? i don't like liars. you lie to me and we'll be lyin' a beatin' on you.
  • how nice you gave some bum your cash and us your shoes what a nice guy
  • we ain't leaving without his coat
  • three older teens corner Ian in the park and threaten him for his shoes.
  • my coat had my ID and wallet
  • come on not my coat please.
  • give us your coat
  • i think he wants to keep his coat
  • leave the kid alone
  • Ian gets threatened by three guys for his shoes. he is terrified.
  • yours probably is filled with lice
  • sure you can have them.
  • i don't know about lice but this
  • shoes
  • after taking off his shoes the big guy asks for his money. Ian half lies. then they threaten him for his jacket.
  • a little shaken but okay.. thanks
  • are you alright?
  • come i'll walk you out of the park
  • didn't want you to. if you made it fine you would have never seen me. told you this place isn't safe especially at night that's why i always carry something .
  • luck had nothing to do with it. thought something bad might happen so i stayed close
  • the man from before jumps in and starts to help Ian
  • this ain't any your business. now go drink some after shave.
  • are you stupid, drunk or both
  • if you had half a brain you'd stay out of this
  • just leave the kid alone he's done nothing
  • want my coat you can have it
  • i'm not leaving without my friend
  • the man pulls out a mallet and starts beating the three older teens. he takes one of the three guys shoes and there jackets
  • i didn't see you fallowing
  • the man helps Ian and takes the peoples clothes, he walks Ian out of the park and gives him advice for the streets.
  • lucky when you came
  • happy you had that
  • ya thanks again
  • most people out here carry something.
  • you good from here
  • a heads up. the street is safer thank the park doesn't mean its safe keep your head up eyes out.
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