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english grade 10 shattered
Updated: 3/25/2020
english grade 10 shattered
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  • what is the worst that could happen
  • you didn't scare me.. i was just..just startled..that's all
  • sure
  • i don't smoke
  • i didn't mean to scare you
  • you got a smoke to spare?
  • didn't mean to do that either. you got an extra smoke i can have?
  • smart. wish i didn't either. any spare change?
  • i don't see anybody
  • but i was just trying to give you some change
  • i understand that-i appreciate that-but you can't be waving a wallet around here you never know who's watching
  • just because you can't see them doesn't mean they can't see you. just put it away
  • put that away
  • put that wallet away! put that wallet back in your pocket.
  • It was the first day of spring as Ian walked to his volunteer job. Checking the time Ian saw that it was 10 to 6. 10 minutes to get to the volunteer interview. the wind was bitterly cold as it blew in his face.
  • this guy didn't seem crazy the again why would he be begging for money
  • there are people who would split your head for a couple of bucks and you have more than a couple of bucks- i saw the bills when you opened your wallet
  • you just have to be careful. you never know who's around.
  • Ian turns down a path inter a park to cut time. a man comes out of the shadows. in a friendly manner asks for some things.
  • your welcome sorry there's not more
  • i appreciate what you gave. some people, they don't even turn there heads- they act like you're not there. its getting dark. you shouldn't be here when it's dark
  • thanks. be careful
  • Ian reached into his jacket and pulled out his wallet. then shoves it back in and grabs some change from his pocket.
  • ya cold
  • cold ain't it
  • Ian reaches into his pocket to get some change.
  • i think i have some change in my pocket.. not much, but some
  • its not me you have to worry about. there's not enough money in a wallet to make me hurt another human being
  • anything would be appreciated. thank you
  • Ian runs off leaving the man as he makes his way to his interview.
  • i'm just cutting through. i have an interview in- right now. i got to get going.
  • walking the last turn before getting to the club. Ian runs into a man sleeping seemingly drunk and women who mumbles to herself in a crazy like fashion with a cart of garbage.
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