Updated: 3/26/2019
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  • Dylan, Seth's turtle, accidentally climbed up the tree. Seth is standing 30 feet away from the tree looking up at about a 70 degree angle. To figure out how high he has to jump, he uses trig. Dylan finds out Tan(70) * 30 = 36.7. This means Seth must climb 36.7 ft to get Dylan back .
  • x feet
  • 30 ft
  • 70 degrees
  • By the time Seth runs to go get a ladder, Dylan climbs from the tree to the roof and Seth finds him o n the roof by the pool.
  • 65 degrees
  • Dylan is 40 ft high and Seths angle to him is 65 degrees. Seth uses trig to discover that 40/tan(65)=18.7. this means Seth is only 18.7 ft away from Dylan
  • xft
  • 40 ft
  • Seth's sticky situation by: kira mahnke
  • DYLANNNNNN!!!!!!
  • Seths turtle has crawled on the neighbors house. since Seth is 5 ft away from Dylan, and Dylan is 10 ft in the air, to find the angle of evaluation he uses trig. tan-1(10/5)=63.4 degrees
  • x degrees
  • 5 ft
  • 10 ft
  • Seth finally was able to catch Dylan and he keeps a close eye on him now.
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