Estate System/ Leadership
Updated: 11/7/2020
Estate System/ Leadership

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  • The French Revolution
  • Third Estate-Commoners
  • Second Estate- Nobility
  • First Estate- Clergy
  • Lebanon
  • Hezbollah
  • We don't care, we're leaving the tunnels
  • You violated our cease-fire with your tunnels
  • Israeli
  • Prediction
  • The conflict grew, leading to a war between the Hezbolla and Israel
  • I'll do it later
  • Unjust Land Distributions and Tax Burdens- France had a social system that heavily favored the First and Second Estate (the clergy and nobility). Less than 3% of the population, these two groups, paid no taxes and controlled the government.
  • French Revolution
  • King Louis, they need your decision.
  • Political Instability in Lebanon- Lebanon’s new system of government has representation for the three major religious groups, which are Maronite Christians, Shiite Muslims, and Sunni Muslims. Hezbollah (a Shiit political party/ terrorist group) has been having conflicts with the Suni sect, gained more power in Parliament and violated a cease fire agreement with Israel.
  • Haiti
  • I'll figure it out later.
  • They need your decision, How are they going to get food?
  • I think that the Hezbollah group’s conflict with Israel will grow and they will need help from the government, possibly resulting in war.
  • Prediction
  • Here is some food
  • Negatively Affected the Nation- Louis XVI was well intentioned, but had little interest in actually ruling the nation. He put off making big decisions and feared upsetting the nobility.
  • The leader of Haiti neglected to get the control the food shortage under control, which caused starvation and malnutrition throughout the country.
  • I think that Haiti will need more help from outside organizations like the WFP and the food shortage will be a problem for a few years.
  • Thank you
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