Filipino skit

Updated: 10/6/2021
Filipino skit

Storyboard Text

  • Well, I don't mean to brag sir but we Filipinos have those kinds of characteristics and many more. For instance, we do our work with passion and we are also hardworking people.
  • I have Called you here Because I admire your passion and resourcefulness. It really helps our business.
  • Is it something about you being a Filipino?
  • We also treat our elders and other people with respect such as saying "po" and "opo".
  • We are also very warm and welcoming to foreigners, and we treat them as part of our family.
  • Well, what else is there about Filipinos?
  • Well now that I think about it... No wonder so many foreigners go there.
  • I can even accompany you boss, I'm sure you'll love it there
  • Well I might even go there when I have the time.
  • Alright! We're set!