notn invited
Updated: 3/23/2019
notn invited
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  • Abby: "That movie was so good we should watch another one soon." KATE: "what about Kasey".LARA: "I don't know if she should come she is kind of boring and she would be on her phone all the time lets just go to the beach now".
  • LARA: "Did u see how i dived in the water and made a big splash that was cool i'm so happy that it is not hot today".ABBY: "I'm kind of glad that we didn't invite Kasey because she wouldn't come in the water or be wouldn't be any fun".
  • ABBY:"The movies and the beach was amazing we had so much fun". Kasey:" why wasn't i invited LARA:"um because not to be rude but your kind of boring and your all ways on your phone." KASEY:"oh ok"
  • KASEY: "I think we shouldn't be friends because you guys keep leaving me out on things you's went to the movies with out me and to the beach and then said i was boring sorry but I don,t think we should be friends bye."
  • KATE "Were sorry that we left you out on everything we promise we wont do it again please forgive us how about we make it up to you lets go on a camping trip what do you say". KASEY "ok i forgive you guys just don't leave me out again"
  • KASEY:"This is so fun thank you guys for taking me camping." KATE:"where sorry for not inviting you to go to the movies and to the beach." LARA:"And we didn't mean to call you boring". KASEY:" It's ok I forgive yous and one more time thank you yous are my best friends and i love yous
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