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Updated: 8/20/2020
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  • Scene 1
  • Scene 1
  • You took your time.
  • Scene 1
  • So, what is your offer?
  • Take it or leave it.
  • Shot 1: Long shot of the room with Claire sitting on a chair.Shot 2: Extreme close up of Clair - she fidgetsrestlessly, waiting for something, or someone (Action).SFX 1: Gloomy back ground musicSFX 2: Heavy rain
  • Scene 1
  • What, is this some sort of joke?
  • Shot 3: Mid shot of Sarah when she enters the room and then a close up (Shot 4) of Claire as she looks up and says her line, Sarah does not respond and sits at the table.
  • Scene 1
  • Shot 5: Close up of Claire asking "So, what is your offer?"Shot 6: Tow shot of Sarah putting the briefcase on the table, opens it, and produces a pen and pad. Shot 7: Over the shoulder Sarah writes something on the pad, and closes it. Shot 8: Close up of the paper being slid over to Claire.SFX 3: Tense music
  • Scene 2
  • Shot 9: Extreme close up Claire reads the offer and says: "What, is this some sort of joke?"Shot 10: Extreme close up Sarah responds: "Take it or leave it"
  • Shot 11: Long shot The two women stare off.SFX 4: Stand-off music
  • Shot 12: Close up They hear a knock and Sarah turns her head towards thenoise: Sarah says: "Who else knows we're here?"Shot 13: Mid shot Claire responds: "No one"SFX 5: Thunder and lightning hits at this exact moment
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