ALCAZAR-Comic Strip
Updated: 1/15/2021
ALCAZAR-Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • Krystal! Its time to got to church!!
  • But I don't want to mom!Its kinda useless...
  • What kind of mindset was that?? I am here to prove why it's not useless.
  • Pft...
  • Listen to the Gospel, We will talk later.
  • After the Mass....
  • I'm not sure how to begin but the reason why God isn't so called "useless" is because everything in this world was created by him
  • We are his special creation. Among all, he gave us the sense to love, think, and he created us in his image and likeness. We should all praise him for what he has done to all
  • But why can't we see him though?
  • The reason why we can't see him is that he sacrificed his life for all of us. He died for our sins and with that we feel his presence through positive actions.
  • Oh so that's why we have to go to church every Sunday to praise and thank him.