Photosynthesis Comic Strip
Updated: 12/18/2020
Photosynthesis Comic Strip

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  • I'm cooking right now and you're bothering the process.
  • Dude what are you doing ? You look weird.
  • I'm using photosynthesis to make glucose and oxygen.
  • How are you cooking because you are a plant and there's no kitchen around?
  • What is photosynthesis
  • It's when plants use light energy to make our food with the ingredients - water, sunlight, carbon dioxide and energy so that we could have the strength.
  • Oh, I still don't get what you are saying.
  • Let me say this - photosynthesis has two stages called the light dependent stage and the calvin cycle. It consists of breaking water molecules down, making energy so that there could be carbon dioxide and water to add up as sugar and oxygen.
  • So your telling me that we as in plants can make glucose and oxygen. Wow dude I really think there's something wrong with you.
  • There's nothing wrong with me it's crazy that you don't know how we are eating everyday. But back to what I was saying during the light dependent stage light energy transforms into chemical energy which forms ATP and NADPH which can be also known as sugar.
  • Ok, so what about the calvin cycle you was talking about.
  • Why?
  • The calvin cycle is when carbon dioxide and water are mixed together to have organic molecules known as glucose. Now do you understand the process of photosynthesis.
  • Because all this photosynthesis talk is making me hungry.
  • Aw ok now I understand, so your basically saying that we add sunlight, water, energy and carbon dioxide to make glucose and oxygen. Wow that amazing how that works now. Now I'm about to leave.
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