Ka Na 'Ala Uliuli

Updated: 6/20/2021
Ka Na 'Ala Uliuli

Storyboard Text

  • As I left, I knew it would be the last time I ever stepped foot on my mom's property. Not that I was sad or anything.
  • According to my map, Hiki'ole was around 700 hundred kilometers away from me. 
  • ?
  • I traveled through forests, rain, endured starvation, until...
  • ...
  • The Mountain of Hiki'ole. But, sadly, I still had a long climb ahead of me.
  • I climbed for hours, hours and hours up the face of Hiki'ole.
  • Until I made it to the top. I could hardly believe that I had made it up the the face of a mountain, that, one; no one had ever gotten up without dying, and two; I was just an eleven year old girl!