Updated: 5/19/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Welcome,my name is Dentist D' Sousa.
  • come in to my office and I will tell you all about teeth.
  • There are lots of different teeth not only do they look different but they are used for different things
  • Now it is time to go home but we can talk about it on the way.
  • Then, next to the incisors are the Canines.you have one next to the incisors on the left and one next to them on the right on each row. They are used to pierce and tear food.
  • As I was saying there are Canines, there are Molars, there are the Incisors and Premolars. All these teeth are used for different things which I will tell you about later.
  • Firstly, the teeth at the front are your incisors. you have four on each row. we use them to cut food into smaller bits.
  • We're almost there.
  • did I tell you about the premolars?
  • premolars are used to crush food. you have two next to each canine.
  • I just need to tell you about Molars before I introduce you to my wife and daughter.
  • Molars are used to grind and crush food. you will find six right at the back on each side. three at the top and three at the bottom.
  • welcome to my home.
  • My daughter, gabby is going to tell you how important it is to take care of your teeth.
  • It is really important to keep your teeth clean . that is why we must brush our teeth every day and every night before we go to bed for two minutes
  • And remember not to drink sugary drinks unless you eat a meal with it.