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EDU 200
Updated: 10/10/2020
EDU 200
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  • Rayna Introduced
  • I can't get on this stage in front of everyone and fail! I have to quit, there is no other option.. I am just going to have to tell Ms. Bernie I am done.
  • Confrontation
  • Actually Ms. Bernie, I can't go on. I am scared to death and I just know I'll fail and I won't go out there and preform this way.. I won't!
  • Oh! There you are Rayna, you are up in 10 minutes. Are you ready?
  • Reality Check
  • I know that you are nervous and feel a million emotions right now, but, you have practiced and rehearsed this song with me so much you could probably accomplish it with your eyes closed!
  • Does she really believe in me like this? Could I accomplish my song?
  • I really think I should drop out Ms. Bernie.
  • Rayna is in a complete bind! She has this amazing new song she wants to preform on the piano, yet, she is completely terrified of how it will turn out. She is waiting to talk about possibly cancelling her performance.
  • Heart to Heart
  • Listen, I understand your reluctance and it is your choice, but, just take a moment and tell yourself you can do it. The fear will subside as long as you tell yourself you are going to do it because you CAN!
  • I do believe I can do it! I believe I can succeed at this song, play with my all, and take my fear and put it elsewhere!
  • Rayna is going to drop out of her performance just 10 minutes before its inception! How will Ms. Bernie handle this? What about her friends and family that came to support her?!
  • The Performance
  • Well, I have made it this far... no more fear... here goes nothing!
  • Even with Ms. Bernie's words of encouragement, Will Rayna put her pride to the side and preform? Or will Her fixed methods of thinking stop her from completing her goals?
  • Thank You
  • Thank you for believing in me, Ms. Bernie. Thank to you, I overcame my fears and feel more confident than ever.
  • Now believing in herself, Rayna chooses to let the show go on! And proves to herself a growth mindset is better than a fixed mindset that will only keep you in steady denial.
  • And, play Rayna did, she received a standing ovation and even gave herself a pat on the back.
  • Whether it be a performance or a decision in day to day life, there are always choices. Some rational and some based off interpretation. It is up to us as educators to help clear out the noise and get to the root and allow for growth in the decisions of our students.
  • No matter the task, Rayna, remember you can always do what you set your mind to. This was a lesson of overcoming and you succeeded on all levels, congratulations.
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