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EDU 200
Updated: 10/10/2020
EDU 200
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  • Don't forget class, end-of-course exams are in just four weeks. If you need to speak with me, please stay behind.
  • Reminders
  • Exams? OH NO! I haven't studied since the beginning of term and this is half of my grade... what do I do?!!
  • The First Step
  • Hey, Mr. Nolan. I was wondering if I could talk with you about these exams coming up?
  • The Truth
  • Mr. Nolan: Of course, Sergio, what seems to be on your mind?Sergio: This exam... does it have to be half of our grade? Is there any way it can be less?Mr. Nolan: No.. I am afraid not, it is half of you all's grade,Sergio: Oh okay I was just curious..Mr. Nolan: Sergio, if there is something on your mind.. please explain?Sergio; Well... I'm not ready. I will fail this course if I take this exam.
  • Sergio has just been hit with a major dose of reality, his end-of-course exam! This could have a serious impact on his grade if all does not turn out well, I hope he figures out a new study plan.
  • Big Question
  • I understand you concerns. I would like you to tell me more about why you believe you will fail?
  • I don't think.. I know.
  • Sergio did the right thing coming to Mr. Nolan. But, will he ask for help or simply hint he might need some?
  • The Understanding
  • Although you see error, you are doing very well in my class and the exam covers the material you have already conquered. Over the weekend I want you to do three things: Look over our class notes, relax your mind of all negativity, and never stop saying the words, "I know I can". Let's see how you feel Monday. Deal?
  • Okay, Mr. Nolan. I'll see you Monday!
  • Sergio came clean after playing off his fears of failing the course. Will Mr. Nolan be able to help?
  • Results
  • Mr. Nolan: Good morning, Sergio! How was the weekend?Sergio: I reviewed, gave myself courage, and even quizzed myself and passed them all! I don't know what happened Mr. Nolan, but, I feel great!Mr. Nolan: This is confidence Sergio, something you must always remember to give yourself no matter what the task. Mr. Nolan: Since the exam isn't just yet, remember to keep doing these things as much as possible and boost your confidence.Sergio: Of course, Mr. Nolan, Thank you so much!Mr. Nolan: Great job Sergio!
  • Though Sergio had no real answer as to why he would fail, he doubted himself immensely and this was taking a toll on his mind. What will Mr. Nolan do?
  • I know I will. I haven't studied in weeks, I don't focus well during tests, and I believe it in me to fail once the exam is in front of me.
  • That day, a confused Sergio left school, but did exactly what Mr. Nolan told him. And, as his attitude began to shift, a brand new Sergio walked in class Monday morning...
  • Sergio learned the only person that can truly reassure him, is himself. No more self-doubt and worry, after the weekend, Sergio was not only ready to pass the exam, he was ready to ace the class!
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