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Story board #2
Updated: 2/21/2019
Story board #2
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  • S: Skilled Staff, Updated Facilities, High Patient Satisfaction, etc.... W: High Costs, Understaffed, Lack of Space, etc.... O: New Patients, Community Support etc... T: Beds Will Not Fill, Other Hospital Opens New Wing Unit First, etc....
  • (Grendahl, Strategic Planning: A Powerful Tool , slide 27, bullet 1)
  • Goal: Increase yearly revenue by $30,000,000 by Building New Palliative Care Flex Unit S: Increase yearly revenue by 30% by building a new palliative care flex unit
  • M + T: Get proposal accepted by July 2019. Get CON by 2021 from state. Receive 85% ($250,000,000) of funding by 2022. Break ground by 2022. Have the building structure complete by 2024. Have the building interior complete by December 2025. Open and staff new wing by December 2026. Increase revenue by 25% by the end of 2026. Increase revenue by 30% ($50,000,00) by the end of 2027
  • A: We will accomplish this by acquiring the services of a law firm, the board of trustees/ all stakeholders, building and contracting firm, Architect, and the Illinois government
  • R: As our palliative care client base grows we are running out of space due to the community's aging population. Creating a new unit will open up needed space for new patients. Serving the community is apart of our mission statement. New patients will also generate more revenue.
  • SMART: Increase our yearly revenue by 30% by building new flex unit with 100 new beds for mainly palliative care next to the original palliative care unit by 2027 due to influx of patients dealing with chronic illness. We will utilize all stakeholders, contractors, architects, builders, IL gov, and lawyers to build the unit and occupy all 100 beds. Utilizing all 100 new beds will grow out hospital’s revenue by 30%. This will allow us to reach our goal of increasing revenue by $50,000,000 annually while staying in line with our mission
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