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Updated: 2/10/2020
Napoleon MTI
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  • In the late 1700s, France had 3 social classes: the clergy, the nobles, and the peasants. Peasants paid high taxes and lived impoverished lives whiile nobles lived lavishly.
  • Let us pray.
  • God, please grant my family bread to eat.
  • Foolish peasant, can't feed his family
  • The Kings and nobles lavish lifestyle put France in big time debt pushing the 3rd Estate to revolt. This allowed Napoleon Bonaparte to make a name for himself as a highly successful general.
  • After several successful campaigns, and a spot on the Revolutionary government as a Consul, Napoleon earned enough popularity and power to crown himself Emperor of France.
  • Napoleon enacted many positive changes to France such as universal education for men and women, a new and fair law code, as well as economic and law code reforms.
  • Education for all ze people, ze women and ze men!
  • Despite all of the positives changes Napoleon made, there are several documents that depict Napoleon's mindset as more of a dictator than a leader of free people.
  • "I will be master everywhere in France and of everything, as long as I have breath in my body."
  • So, as I have compiled various primary and secondary resources on the topic, it is time to determine: was Napoleon a dictator or a great leader?
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