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Updated: 3/26/2019
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  • This task is not yours, nor is it fitting for any other man, except me alone, to measure strength against the monster, in heroic war-deeds. Lines 2531-2534
  • This task is mine and mine alone. I must face this monster myself.
  • How can this dragon have such hide that is immune to my sword?
  • The bold lord of the Geats, raising the treasured sword high in his hand, struck the many-colored monster, but the blade failed when it hit the bone, biting far less deeply than the king of his people, pressed by hard dangers, needed for the kill. Lines 2575-2580
  • Your sword has failed you!
  • I did not think ahead...this blasted dragon has wounded me... but it has not bested me yet!
  • Then, for the third time, the threatening monster, the frightful fire-dragon, mindful of their feud, rushed on the famed ruler when he saw an opening, seething and battle grim, surrounding his neck with fierce sharp fangs, digging into his flesh to drain life from his body, as the blood streamed out. Lines 2688-2693 
  • Contrary, you are mine, fair king! 
  • They had felled their foe, bravely taking its life, the two had together brought down the dragon, as noble kinsmen. Lines 2706-2708
  • We have done it...
  • We have slain the noble brethren
  • My dear kin, build a memorial for my people. 
  • Bearing treasures from the barrow , he found Beowulf, his beloved king, all covered with blood, near his limit of life-days. Lines 2788-2790
  • My king...I am sorry for not being quick enough to help and for those cowards fleeing...what are your wishes?
  • You are the last of us, the Waegmunding people. The Wyrd has destroyed all of my family, accoridng to fate, those nobles are stilling in their strength. It is time for me to go as well. Farewell, Wiglaf.
  • "You are the last man left of our kin, the Waegmunding people. Wyrd has swept away all of my family, according to their fates, all those nobles still in their strength. Now I must follow". Lines 2813-2816
  • Good-bye my king, no one shall ever be missed more. 
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