Updated: 11/2/2020

Storyboard Text

  • I saw you tip the spinning wheel over and i got an idea.
  • Oh really, and what would that be?
  • So James Hargreaves, what will you do with this invention?I will change the world as we know it.
  • What will it be called what will it do?
  • It will spin multiple threads at once and I will call it the Spinning Jenny.
  • James Hargreaves came up with the idea to make a new machine after his family member tipped over their spinning machine.
  • Thats a wonderful idea.I will go to the Helmshore Textile Mill and start building, NOW!
  • HIs invention replaced the smaller spinning machines in homes.
  • Of course you can build it here.WEd be happy.Thank you so much.
  • The Spinning Jenny was called the spinning Jenny becasue jenny was a name for engine
  • James Hargreaves built the Spinning JEnny at the Helmshore Textile mill.
  • James Hargreaves built the Spinning Jenny and it made the work easier.
  • Although it was a magnificieint machine it did however take jobs away from the people who spun at hime.