historly 1
Updated: 4/20/2020
historly 1
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  • capitalism vs communism
  • breakdown of grand alliance
  • telegrams and iron curtain
  • capitalism, the peoples are by the state, and trade is a profit for that person.communism is where the people is run by 1 person, all trade makes a profit goes state to the leader and everyone is equil
  • creation of soviet satellite states
  • 1941, where Nazis invaded the soviet union along with japan declaring war on USA. USA, USSR and England formed an alliance, planned to split Germany into 4 sections. but this alliance broke down in 1946
  • Marshell plan and Truman doctrine
  • Churchill's first speech.it was called this because "Wall" was easy lifted. Churchill gave a speech about himself and other countries.the Us gave a speech on how to stop the spread of communism.
  • cominform and comecon
  • Stalin created a Russian empire around him. the counties were Poland, hungry Romania, Bulgaria czeh and east Germany. it was called this because the countries are close like the satellites around the planet.
  • 1947 Truman pledged that the US would help any nation resist communism. he would help to rebuild after the war, the Us pledged 13 billion dollars of aid to these countries.
  • coninform was the centralized of the international communist movement from 1947 to 1956. it strengthened the link of European communist parties.comecon was an organization of mutual economic aid between communist counties, a response to the marshell aid plan.
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