Animal Farm
Updated: 10/3/2018
Animal Farm
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  • Rules of Animalism
  • Mr. Jones, the owner of Manor Farm, is looking over just some of the animals. For example, Old Major, the oldest pig at the farm, and Mollie on of the horses.
  • Old Major is talking to all of the animals and telling them about the revolution of Manor Farm. Also telling them how they can try to get rid of Mr. Jones and have the farm all to themselves, and it work.
  • Napoleon, there new leader, since Old Major died, is talking to the animals about there future here at Animal Farm. They are coming up with rules to run their farm.
  • Napoleon decided he wanted to replace most of the animals with dogs and pig. Lets just say the animals are not to happy about it. Also if this is going to work they are going to try and build a wind mill to ptoduce food for them.
  • Soon enough the some of animals realize they can't run a whole farm by themselves, and that it would of been so much better if Mr. Jones was still there. Maybe an animal wouldn't have passed away if Mr. Jones was still there
  • The animals try to fix all of their problems. They finish the wind mill, and now they haven't run out of food yet. They get rid of the rules and start acting like humans.
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