Gifted Education pt2: Kelly K
Updated: 1/22/2020
Gifted Education pt2: Kelly K
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Storyboard 2 of 2 showing how a teacher can use a new strategy to engage all learners to think and work at their own pace, cross curricular, with multiple resources while encouraging engagement.

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  • Have you ever been really sick? Have you received any immunizations in the past? Today our essential question is: How have infectious diseases impacted the the world throughout history? YOU are in charge of learning and teaching each other!
  • Step 1: Inquiry... what are you curious about ?
  • Hmm like what diseases, how they spread, how did vaccines develop, how might our population be different, would wars have turned out differently, when did quarantines develop?
  • Here is an overview of how we are learning and "teaching" using a technique called SOLE:
  • Okay so we are in charge of viewing approved search sites and answering our own question and sharing with everyone else PLUS we can work at our own pace!
  • Okay I will take the role of typing our findings into the shared document and you can be the communicator with the other students in class
  • Okay I'll check out the books Miss K left for us to examine and you can review the padlet of links and resources.
  • Remember to keep track of new terms and add them up here!
  • Wow no wonder the US government struggled to get going after the Revolutionary war... yellow fever. Also, WHO are the WHO
  • Yuck, that reminds me on the plague during the Middle Ages
  • Add any sources or carriers of diseases/viruses and if they are curable here!
  • What people or organizations can you find related to research or prevention? Write any findings here
  • This sounds like Social Studies and ELA mixed together... plus we are reading a book in Science next week about Ebola. Hmm
  • Awesome analysis! Let's apply your knowledge: If a new disease were to evolve and wreck havoc on our society, how would we need to adapt? Examine our current Constitution, health code laws and the roles of military and world aide. Your options are: write a narrative, argumentative essay, or develop a website addressing the political, economic, and social concerns we would need to specifically adapt in order to save the world from failure.
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