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Storyboard #2
Updated: 3/26/2019
Storyboard #2
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  • Jay Treaty
  • Im John Jay I am coming to you to talk about conflicts in the US with your country.
  • Washington’s Farewell Adress
  • Farewell my fellow Americans.
  • Development Of Politial Parties
  • George Washington sent John Jay to talk to britian and try to fix problems but also keep trade. The federalist liked this treaty the Democratic-Republicans didnt.
  • XYZ Affaires
  • We are X, Y, and Z
  • George Washington was stepping down and leaving the presidency position. He sent a farewell address mainly stating that we need to not get into other countries conflict to keep bonds with other countries and checks and balances are necessary.
  • The Alien And Sedition Acts
  • In the early 1800s politicial parties started forming. Their were Federalist and Democratic-Republican.
  • Midnight Appointments
  • John Adams sent three people of the government to resolve problems with France. They were met by three men X, Y, and Z they ordered $250,000 to talk with the king.
  • These acts were placed because the US wasn't liking France at the time so they created these acts to get French problems out.
  • These acts order that if any French people start to become a problem you will be sent back to your country.
  • John Adams passed the judiciary acts so they could pack the courts with federalist for the last 2 months he was in office.
  • Sir Why are we doing this at night?
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