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The Adventures of a Rocky Road!
Updated: 9/24/2020
The Adventures of a Rocky Road!
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Storyboard Description

A story about a young rock finding his way in the world through the different phases and opportunities living the rock life brings.

Storyboard Text

  • A little trickle down past the river...
  • Once upon a time, Charlie tumbled out of what was once a great big rock! It was an adventurous day on the island as the weathering process began and Charlie emerged.
  • On our way to a new beginning
  • Charlie identified as a fragment and was moved by a water source by the way of erosion.
  • Sedimentary
  • Little Charlie started off as a sedimentary rock, he was building layers and layers of his life. One day, he decided he wanted to be a totally different rock, sort of like a rebirth because his life was sort of...sedimentary and solidified but he did not believe in comfort and softness. No pun intended.
  • Meta meta meta...!
  • The Metamorphic rocks were calling for Charlie as he moved towards the heat. He realized he was not a fan of the cold and wanted to try out the Metamorphic lifestyle. The two key process he had to pass to be initiated into the group was by way of heat and pressure. Charlie knew he had the mental strength of a bull so he underwent his training and passed with flying colors.
  • Melting into Igneous culture
  • Charlie pushed himself beyond the point of a Metamorphic rock and he looked down at his little rock feet and realized he was melting! Thank goodness this is no end in the cycle. It took him by surprise how much he enjoy melting and cooling and swimming among the Magma back and forth.
  • It took Charlie a really long while to decide he wanted to settle into Igneous culture. After thousands of years, he found a place of his own. Although he broke through the wall, the residents adopted him as a pet. He loves his new comfortable lifestyle, where the temperature is moderate and he is not pushed by any big waters and winds.
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