Ecosystem Vocab.
Updated: 4/2/2020
Ecosystem Vocab.
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  • That's a gazelle. It's an example of an organism. An organism is a single living thing. They can be animals, people, and even plants!
  • Awww! What's this little guy?
  • As far as we can see, the population of gazelles in the plains is nine. The population is the number of organisms in a geographical area.
  • Oh wow! Look at how many there are now! I wonder how many!
  • Oh no! It looks like that lion is about to eat the zebra!
  • Sometimes thats just how it goes in a community... a community is a group of organisms in the same area that interact with eachother.
  • Wow! look how tall that giraffe is! He's even eating the leaves off of the tallest tree!
  • Yeah! And the lion is using the soft grass to sleep! These are examples of animals using the ecosystem to their advantage. An ecosystem is a community interacting with their physical enviroment!
  • Do you like my pet rock? His name is Alex. Isn't that right Alex?
  • What's that supposed to mean?
  • Oh...
  • It means that it's not alive. It can't hear you...
  • You do know that Alex is abiotic, right?
  • What about those animals in the Safari? Were they abiotic?
  • What does that mean?
  • Oh, I get it now!
  • It means that it IS alive. People and plants are biotic too!
  • No, they were actually Biotic!
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