Updated: 10/10/2018
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  • The taxing recently is honestly ridiculous, I don't get why the king does it, I HATE HIM! He can't keep doing this! 
  • In this scene we see the people talking about how they did not like the taxing by the king and decided to work together to make rules limmiting his power.
  • I agree! lets all group together and maybe come up with some ideas to limit his power on us to stop this
  • This scene shows the people choosing what they want to go into the Magna Carta and what they need to do in order for it to be inforced.
  • oh! yes thats a good idea
  • This sounds fantastic we shall call this the Magna Carta and all we need to do is get a seal from the king himself
  • we should put this and this on it
  • in this scene it shows how in England the barons of medieval confronted King John so that they could force him to put his seal on the Magna carta on June 15, 1215.
  • thank you for signing that form for us saying that we can get land now we appreciate it.
  • Wait you dont't need a form for that? OH! you fools you tricked me!
  • This scene shows how that since the king had put a seal on the Magna Carta he was the very first to and was the vary first time in history for a ruler to put themselves under the rule of the law.
  • All because I put a seal on that stupid paper I now don't have as much power. UGH!
  • This scene shows how the people are happy now that the Magna Carta is approved
  • We did it you guys we got the Magna Carta approved! YAY!
  • when settlers came to America from Britian in the 1600's they brought the ideas of the Magna Carta with them.
  • Time to go OH! i should bring the Magna Carts t show to other large governments
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