English malvolio
Updated: 4/7/2021
English malvolio

Storyboard Text

  • A surly girl has joined the new soccer team and from first imprecisions she is not liked by the other girls. She bosses them around constantly and has no chill. Her name is Malvolio and she does not know it yet but all of the other girls already hate her.
  • The new girl has just walked into the party where all of the other girls are.... the other girls are shocked! Malvolio says she is going to tell the soccer coach that they were drinking, even though they weren't. This is exactly why the other girls on the team hate Malvolio.
  • Once the girl gets home after busting them, she later decides that she is not going to tell the coach because maybe one day she may grow up to drink and party like them one day, and she thinks that would be wrong of her.
  • When the girls are walking home they make up a plan. The plan is to right a letter that would be addressed from the coach saying that Malvolio is off of the team for being rude to the other girls and breaking rules outside of the sport. Maria would give her the note walking in the hallway at school. The three girls have also noticed throughout the years that Maria and the coach have really similar handwriting and would easily fool Malvolio. This they think is going to be amazing payback for Malvolio "telling the coach."
  • As Maria is walking down the hallway she sees Malvolio and finds her chance to give Malvolio the note. She tries to stay serious as she gives her the note but she kind of smirks a little bit and it makes Malvolio suspicious.
  • She goes home to read the note and she starts sobbing like never before. She is heartbroken that she will not be playing her favorite sport for a long amount of time. She never catches onto what the three other girls did, but that will haunt those other girls forever for doing such a thing.