Montezuma II
Updated: 1/22/2020
Montezuma II
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  • Montezuma II
  • Who Was Montezuma II and How Did Exploration Impact Him?
  • Montezuma II's Importance
  • By: Paige Klun
  • Application of GRAPES: Social Structure
  • He was the emperor of the Aztec Empire at the beginning of the Spanish conquest of Mexico. He was born in 1466 in Tenochtitlan, Mexico. Exploration killed him. During the conquest of Mexico, he was kept as a prisoner and was killed.
  • Application of GRAPES: Religion
  • Montezuma II was important because when Hernan Cortes, a European conquistador, came to search his land for gold and other goods, he was the emperor and lead his empire to fight against them. Sadly, he died as one of Cortes’s prisoners.
  • His Legacy and Impact
  • Montezuma II was at the top of the social structure as emperor. Since he was at the top, capturing him in war was a big acheivement for Cortes. Once they took him away from his land, his people had no ruler and were left alone.
  • Since Montezuma II was the king, he had power over all of his people. In his reign, he made the most human sacrifices to their gods. This shows religion because they worshipped gods and gave them offerings to please them.
  • Montezuma II's legacy was how he ruled as king of the Aztec empire at such a dangerous time. Since he was king, the impact of exploration wasn't very forgiving for him, he died because of it.
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