British Goods To Africa.
Updated: 12/12/2019
British Goods To Africa.
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  • British Goods Sent To Africa.
  • A cargo ship would leave great britain with valuable goods such as rum, furniture, weapons, cloth, salt, or other goods. The ship would set sail for africa.
  • Man Vs. SlavesGoods Exchanged For Slaves
  • The ship would arrive in africa with the cargo from britain. The goods would then be exchanged for african slaves. The slaves would the be tightly packed onto the ship.
  • Slaves would then be confined to horrific conditions while on the slaves ships. It is estimated that up to 25%of slaves died during the voyage due to disease, starvation, injury, or suicide.
  • Middle Passage Across Atlantic
  • For slaves who survived the middle passage, they would be unloaded at a trade port in exchange for rum, tobacco, molasses, or other goods.
  • Slaves Arrive In America
  • Once the slaves were unloaded they would be separated from their families and auctioned off to plantation owners and others who desired a slave. Most slaves would never see their families again.
  • Slave Auctions
  • The ship would then return to britain with the rum, molasses, tobacco, or others goods exchanged for the slaves. The triangle would be complete, and once again the the ship would return back to africa for more slaves and goods.
  • Ship Returns To Britain
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